WRIT 2-3 Teaching Assistantships

Apply to Become a TA for Writing 2-3

The Writing Program seeks graduate students to serve as teaching assistants to professors teaching WRIT 2-3 in the fall 2024 and winter 2025 terms. Strong writing, research, and interpersonal skills are essential. Prior teaching or tutoring experience is a plus but not required.

A course for those first-year writers seeking a more sustained alternative to a single-term writing course, WRIT 2-3 allows students to develop as successful college writers through two-terms of rigorous instruction and intensive academic support. This is the only first-year writing course that has a teaching assistant—an essential component of the course—assigned to each section. Former TAs report that learning about writing pedagogy and helping students progress as academic writers is a valuable graduate school experience.

WRIT 2-3 teaching assistants are paid a stipend of $10,000, total, for two terms of employment. On average, teaching assistants work 20 hours per week across the fall and winter terms (10 weeks each term). Stipends are paid in six monthly installments.

Responsibilities include:

  • Participating in a required pre-term training workshop before undergraduate classes begin in the fall. This workshop will carry an additional stipend of $300.

  • Preparing for and attending all classes, including any X-hours, for the assigned section of Writing 2 (fall) and Writing 3 (winter).

  • Scheduling and holding weekly 45-minute tutoring sessions for each student in the assigned section. Tutoring sessions are held in weeks 2-8 of each term. 

  • Attending a weekly all-TA meeting with the course coordinator for continued training.

  • Meeting weekly with the assigned professor to discuss student progress.

To Apply

Complete the application and submit the required materials (resume/cv, personal statement, and an academic paper from a recent course) here: WRIT 2-3 Teaching Assistant Application.

Additionally, we require a letter of recommendation from a professor, which can be sent from the recommender directly to the course coordinator and chair of the hiring committee, Brian O'Connor (Brian.O'Connor@Dartmouth.edu).

Priority consideration will be given to applications received by May 20 .

If you have any questions, please contact Brian O'Connor (Brian.O'Connor@Dartmouth.edu).