Writing 5

About the Course


Current WRIT 5 descriptions can be found here.


WRIT 5 introduces Dartmouth students to critical writing and treats writing not primarily as an instrument for communication but as a practice, a practice of thinking, by means of which ideas are discovered, examined, compared, evaluated, refined, and promoted. To learn to write critically is to learn to think critically, and that is the core value of a liberal arts education. Each section of WRIT 5 organizes its writing assignments around challenging readings chosen by the instructor. The texts for the class also include student writing.

WRIT 5 class size is limited to 16 to allow for individualized attention. Enrollment above the limit is never allowed in a WRIT 5 course. Open slots are first-come, first-served. No waiting lists are maintained.

Students must successfully complete WRIT 5 or an equivalent course to fulfill the first-year writing requirement and then complete a First-Year Seminar (or HUM 2) to complete the first-year seminar requirement.

Students who complete the online directed self-placement process for first-year writing and accept a recommendation to take WRIT 5 are assigned to take the course either in the fall or winter; this assignment cannot be changed. WRIT 5 term assignment information appears in the online student placement record visible to students and their pre-major advisors just prior to fall course registration.