Multilingual Support

Reflecting our pluralistic society and world, Dartmouth is enrolled by linguistically diverse students – students who are bilingual and multilingual, students who are in the processing of acquiring English, students who use varieties of world Englishes, international students, and students from multilingual communities and backgrounds within the US.  The Institute for Writing and Rhetoric values and honors this linguistic diversity, and the many linguistic, rhetorical, experiential, and cultural resources these students bring to the Dartmouth community.

Support for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students seeking advice on writing should take advantage of the services provided by the Writing Center.

The Writing Center offers support to all students seeking to improve their writing. To make an appointment (and to learn more about this valuable service) visit the Writing Center website.

Support for Graduate Students

With the support of the Graduate School, the Writing Center offers face-to-face support for international graduate students on campus. For more information, visit the Writing Center's page on graduate student support.

International & Multilingual Graduate Students

Betsy Tremmel, Ph.D. is our  faculty resource for international grad students. Dr. Tremmel earned her M.A. in TESOL/Applied Linguistics at Iowa State University and her Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition at UW-Madison, and she has taught academic writing to international graduate students for the past 12 years. She is excited to have the opportunity to work with international graduate students at Dartmouth, and is available to work one-on-one with students on any type of text, whether written or oral.

To set up an appointment, please email Dr. Tremmel directly at

Describe the nature of your project, the kind of support you need, and your availability for a meeting.